Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Post Cafe Parisian Life

On the corner of Boulevard Rochechouart and Rue de Steinkerque lies the Post Cafe in the Montmartre district of Paris. Walk out of the Anvers merto station and it's right there . Millions of people walk past The Post annually heading up Rue de Steinkerque to the famous white church of Sacre Cour. 

The Post is nothing flash to look at, just another cafe in a busy tourist district of Paris selling coffee, beer and food.The walls are filled with art deco posters of Paris. People flood out of the metro station. Nearby tourists stand around looking at their maps, Parisians rushing to work.

The Post became my local watering hole when we spent a week in Paris. Even though it is in a tourist centre the front bar is typically packed with Paris locals.  After our first full day in Paris Bec and the girls where tired and wanted to go to sleep. I ventured out looking for somewhere to grab a beer, people watch and take in the feel of Paris. 

I strolled up Boulevard de Rochechourt getting a feel for the neighbourhood or should I say re familiarising myself with Montmartre, as we had stayed here in 2006. Montmartre is busy area very much alive with life and happening with people from early in the morning too late at night.  I was  looking for somewhere to have a drink. I settled on The Post because there were people everywhere walking past which makes it a good place to watch the people and they had Heineken on tap! (A win for me). Rue de Steinkerque which runs up beside the Post Cafe  is pedestrian only and is full of tacky souvenir shops and shop fronts selling bagets and croissants . I took my seat at the front bar and ordered myself a pint of Amsterdam's finest lager 'Heineken".

Things are done a bit different in this part of the world when paying at times. You order your drink and put your euro's on the bar. They give you a little saucer to put your money in. You just let your money sit there which I found a very strange way of doing things. I was a tad concerned someone would grab it and take off with my money. So when you order the next beer they will either take the money straight away and if they are busy they will come back and just take the money out of the saucer later. I guess its an honour system each way as you could just get up and leave yourself. After a while i found this system quiet refreshing compared to Australia where we take the money because we don't trust people to pay. It is a throw back to a more older way of life where people trust each other to do the right thing. I would leave my money and cigarettes on the bar wander outside for smoke come back in without worrying if someone would steal it. I don't think you could do that in the city in Australia.

I frequented the Post for 5 nights for beers and football, each night getting to know the staff and some regular locals who frequented the Post. Bec, the kids and I even had dinner their a few nights. The wait staff where friendly, especially to the kids. Marley wanted plain rice only and by only we mean only....not even some garnish! The waiter delivered it to her saying 'this is the best rice in Paris and it is just for you!'. Marley did confirm to the waiter after she had finished that it was definitely the best rice! The kalua/tia maria cocktail was a stand out for sure.
 By the end of my time there I was on good footing with the staff who would greet me with 'Hello The Australian is back' as I walked in. I struck up many a conversation with them regarding Australia, football (soccer), beer and travelling, the manager especially who was shouting me a couple of free beers an evening. Another regular at the post an African French man would great me with "here again Australia are we" good to see you and would shake my hand . we had many great chats a bout life in Paris and his story. It was a great place to watch Parisian life go by weather it be locals or tourists

Dont let people tell you the French are rude or unfriendly sure some may be but some of us Aussies are too take it on your own Merritt and decide. I for one cant wait to get back to Paris in June 2015. We are staying just up the road from 'The Post" and i cant wait to go back. 'The Post' will once again be my local for a few days.

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